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Station 28 7272 Muncaster Mill Road . Rockville, Maryland 20855 . (301) 921-9330

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The summer season allows friends and family to enjoy the pleasures of barbecuing. Please follow precautions to prevent harm to property and persons.

  • Never leave a hot grill unsupervised
  • Keep grill away from decks, houses and other objects which could possibly ignite (grills need space)
  • Keep children, pets and other people at least 3ft from the grill
  • ONLY use proper starter fluid for grills and NOT gasoline. DO NOT add fluid to a lit grill
  • Maintain gas grills and check hoses for leaks
  • Propane tanks made after April 2002 should have overflow protection devices (OPD) which shut off the gas before capacity is reached
  • Periodically, clean the grill to prevent grease fires
  • Do not wear loose or other clothing that can dangle near a grill and catch fire
  • Grills should ALWAYS be used outdoors with plenty of space around them (prevents inhaling toxic gasses and other fire hazards)

Please contact your local fire department or MCFRS Safety In our Neighborhood at 240-777-2476

Condensed from MCFRS Safety in Our Neighborhood.

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