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Halloween is a time for fun and enjoyment, but also a time where extra caution is necessary. In addition, this event marks the end of Daylight Saving's Time, on Sunday October 29th at 2am. As you change back your clocks, CHANGE YOUR SMOKE DETECTOR BATTERY AS WELL.


  • Try to choose a costume that will allow the child to see easily and not have a major impact on his/her moving abilities
  • If a child, especially older ones, choose to carry props with them, be certain the props are flexible and will not cause harm to themselves or others. In the dark, police and others often have a difficult time determining real from fake objects.
  • Determine a plan to follow while going door to door, that will minimize crossing the street. ie. lets cover one side of houses and then cross once to cover the other side
  • Go over the rules for crossing the road before going out. Drivers may have trouble seeing small kids in dark clothing.
  • Inform your child not to consume any candy or goodies while outside, until you have inspected them. You may choose to carry some of your own candies to offer your child if they want one.

Remember, although most people use this occasion to have fun, there are always some who it to disguise criminal activities. Be alert to be safe.


  • As kids often like to be a part of decorating, ensure their safety by preventing them from climbing to higher places or using sharp objects to carve pumpkins.
  • You can help ensure your child's safety by accompanying them through the night. If you cannot do this, perhaps ask one parent to take several groups of kids .
  • Know and review the child's route of travel through the night, especially if you will not be going with them
  • Be aware of other activities your child maybe participating in- parties
  • Set a time by which your child should be home
  • Explain the dangers of this occasion and the difference between fun and criminal activities such as vandalism
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Have a happy and sweet halloween.